Therasuit LLC won lawsuit against Polish and Amercan companies selling infringing versions of TheraSuit.

Download Official Judgment against
Renpol and Physiosuit LLC


Zapadł wyrok sądowy przeciwko firmie Renpol - za produkcje i dystrybucje podrobionych kombinezonow TheraSuit

Renata Gebicz-Budzynska i firma Ren -Pol zostala ukarana grzywna  $347,000.00.

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Brazil National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA)
Registered TheraSuit as a Medical Device
                     TheraSuit Method
 World Statistics
                             2002 - 2019


                            53 Countries
                          540 Clinics
                       4,600 Certified Therapists
                   140,000 Patients

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Now offering direct delivery to
most of European Union countries.

Ortho shoes to use with TheraSuit

- loop tape for TheraSuit pre-attached
- supinating insert included
- to use with or without braces
- sizes 22-33
- shipment from USA or Poland available 


Arm and leg immobilizers

- color coordinated with TheraSuits
- antimicrobial material