From Foundation Oli Lesniewskiej
Poland 2006




From Disabled Children's Association
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 2008







Medical Product Registration
Poland 2007

Therasuit LLC is registered and meets standards, and requirements of the US Food and Drug Administration.

CE Certification or CE Marking is a conformity. The CE Marking applies to products regulated by certain European health, safety and environmental protection legislation. The CE Marking is obligatory for products it applies to: the manufacturer affixes the marking in order to be allowed to sell his product in the European market.

Registered Trademarks
TheraSuit              Trademark     # 3,306,441
TheraSuit Method
Service Mark # 3,306,442

"Safe For Children" Certificate
 Poland 2006

TheraSuit Patents
TheraSuit    United States     # US 7,153,246 
TheraSuit    United States  (arm attachments) pending
   International PCT/US2008/051458
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European Innovation Award
RehaCare 2005 Germany