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   TheraSuit Method Overview
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           The Importance of Strengthening                   
             | January 2010 |  Rehab Management

 Changes in Two Children with Cerebral Palsy After
Intensive Suit Therapy : A Case Report
 February 2010 I  Pediatric Physical Therapy

"Intensive Therapy Combined with Strengthening Exercises Using
the Thera Suit  in a Child  with CP"  A Case Report

"Preliminary SuitAbility Results" - Easter Seals DuPage, Illinois 

"New Therapies for CP and Brain Injured Individuals"
(HBOT and TheraSuit Method for Adults with CP; Case Study)


"Effectivenss of the TheraSuit and the TheraSuit Method"  Pilot Study

"The effects of progressive resistance training for children with cerebral palsy"

"Functional strength training in cerebral palsy: a pilot study of a group circuit training class for children aged 4–8 years"



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NEW TheraSuit Method® DVD
The New Standard in Treatment
for Cerebral Palsy

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TheraSuit Method Case Study


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"Family Ties"
Article about Richard and Izabela Koscielny

Advance for Physical Therapists Magazine

"A Step Forward"

"Dynamic Couple Making a Difference" (Download)

From the Cerebral Palsy Magazine (English)

"Strength Training and CP",
"Intensive Exercise Program - Physiology Behind Miracles"

A Look Inside Pediatric Fitness Center and Its Suit Therapy for Kids with CP"

"TheraSuit - Soft Dynamic Prioprioceptive Orthotic"



From Spain (Spanish)

"Un Nuevo Sistema devuelve la esperanza a miles de niños"
"La creadora del 'Método TheraSuit' en Nipace" (Download)
"Nipace incorpora a su centro el nuevo Método TheraSuit"

From Philippines (English)
"Hope springs eternal for cerebral palsy patients"
"Relief for cerebral palsy sufferers" (Download)

From Canada (English)
"Strong legs, stronger will" (English)
"A brave new world for Ella" (English)

From  Poland (Polish)
"Do Zdrowia Jeden Krok" (Download)
"Prosto z Kosmosu"
"Kosmiczne Kombinezony Pomagaja Dzieciom"
"Przez Trudy do Gwiazd" (Download)

From Greece (Greek)
TheraSuit & TheraSuit Method

From Italy (Italian)
"Azzurra, quattro anni e lotta per la vita"

From Turkey (Turkisch)
"Engelliler ve Dostlari Kulübü"